Boy Thursday

Cheerful, bright and memorable longplay...

KNIVES have released a new studio album, which was called Boy Thursday. The album was released on his own label on January 20 and consists of 10 songs.

For the young musical Quartet Boy Thursday became the debut album on which the guys show absolutely everything that can and may. Boy on Thursday filled with aggression, proper dynamics and, of course, interesting and unusual chips, which they are trying to catch a potential listener. From this perspective, it is noted how the style of a new notorious team tries to knock out a place under the Sun. punk, hardcore and a little in the appendage to this nifty rapcore.

Interesting trick Boy Thursday is sound. The sound of the album as the best displays the entire emotional promise, as well as fully discloses all instrumentala concept. By the way, about it. Surprisingly, partially managed to depart from Thursday Boy typical elements of the above styles. Band also greatly due to experiment with bright music genres.

Boy on Thursday is a peppy, vivid and memorable longplay from the world of heavy music. KNIVES will please your taste, if you like fresh and really new interpretation of long-familiar music. Pleasant listening!

12.04.2017 09:23:28

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Boy Thursday

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