Minimalist cover plate Ember fully conveys the mood of the album...

Kubbi is the 19-year-old uses the alias of Norwegian musician Born Kummen. Kubbi, over the past two years, the work on music released five full-length albums, the last of which was released February 5, 2015 onwards and bears the name of Ember.

Kubbi is famous for traditional chiptune music (sounds 8-BPP game console) with the catchy tune combined with these tools with modern synthesizers to sound powerful, but nostalgic dip into that, you can recall the best hours of childhood for a game console, playing your favorite games.

The album Ember consists of 9 full songs. The author has decided not to change their concept and continued its work in the genres of chiptune/electronic. Some critics attribute the young musician tag EDM (Electronic dance music), but the musician disagrees. The extensive Kubbi Club fans, who clearly was with the release of a new album, because of the work of the musician is growing, honing their skills not only in the use of different sounds, but also intelligence. Producing their albums is Born Kummen himself. Minimalist cover plate Ember fully conveys the mood of the entire album.

23.03.2015 06:27:48

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