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Mystère sounds bleak and magical...

Mystère is a new studio work for La Femme, which was released on 2 September and Pointu Disque consists of 17 tracks.

French musical formation, La Femme this year released his second full-scale work for all fans. La Femme original approach to creating your own music. The group has established itself as the pros such as krautrock that nowadays is frank rarity, psychedelic rock, new wave and lo-fi. From release to release, La Femme change only the data aspect ratio of musical ingredients, but they all remain unchanged.

Mystère sounds bleak and magical. What is only left composition called Sphynx. But what a surprise when the second track, which is nothing to do with the Sphynx is not. Such musical surprises on the album complete, we can say that this is one solid Mystère surprise. It is interesting to note that the lyrics performed in French, which gives the colorful sound. Also on the disc except female vocals in sufficient volume is present and the male voice as, for example, in the song Tatiana.

La Femme released creative studio work, which is not faceless like many releases, and has its own characteristics that you can love or hate. Mystère is definitely on the fan, but if you do so, you will be delighted. Pleasant listening!

25.10.2016 14:17:37

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La Femme

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