Lacuna Coil

Gorgeous clean female vocals and epic riffs...

Delirium was a new Studio Lacuna Coil album that they released this year. The album was released on Century Media Records on May 27 and has 14 songs.

For Lacuna Coil became the eighth full-length work Delirium, which came out two years after the release of the successful Crown Broken Halo. Italian team in his music combines styles such as gothic metal and alternative metal, as well as alternates both male and female vocals.

Interestingly, the Delirium two new members already debuted, among which is the drummer and guitarist. Despite such changes in composition in the music aspect of the Lacuna Coil has not changed, but only a little attractive and freshened up.

The opening track, called The House of Shame sets a nice pace and mood for later listening to LP. However, all the main and the whole creative Apogee falls on the same song Delirium. Here we can observe modern Lacuna Coil in their best shape. Gorgeous clean female vocals, epic riffs and alternative male voice makes explosive composition and original.

Lacuna Coil definitely deserves high marks for its latest album to date. Delirium professional and meticulously performed studio work, which definitely finds its home in the player every self-respecting fan of heavy music.

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Lacuna Coil

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