Laura Gibson
Empire Builder

Will appeal to those who appreciate the openness of the artist...

Laura Gibson released a new disc, the name of which the Empire Builder. The album contains 10 songs, which occurred April 1 on Barsuk Records.

American singer from Oregon has released the fourth studio disc, where it continues at a leisurely rhythm of telling its own lyrical story. To begin, I would like to say that Empire Builder has minimal, a modest but at the same time stylish cover, in the best traditions of the genre. By the way, the album sounds like something an average between indie rock, from which the concept soon here and some notes in the mood, and folk rock, around which almost all here and is spinning.

All the songs are superbly structured, are good, but quite predictable. One of the Empire Builder compositions devoted to hometown Laura Gibson and I would like to say that it feels the pain of the touring musician, forever lamenting that debt is far from home. The eponymous track Empire Builder also performed beyond all praise, and essentially represents virtually the entire range of emotions and moods, which entered the longplay.

Empire Builder from Laura Gibson will appeal to many listeners who appreciate the openness of the performer, as he presents the experiences and joyful emotions. We can't say that Empire Builder without flaws, but let them decide with them each separately, after spending some time together with Laura Gibson.

16.04.2016 16:31:49

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Laura Gibson
Empire Builder

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