Lauren Aquilina
Isn't It Strange?

The mood is truly magical...

Lauren Aquilina has released its new disc called Isn't It Strange? The album consists of 10 tracks, which occurred 26 August on Island Records.

21-year-old singer from Bristol, England, has come a long creative way. The singer has released four EP, which won numerous audience. It's a time of great change and Lauren Aquilina all accumulated ideas provided the first longplay.

Isn't It Strange? at first glance, it may seem quite a standard plate, which is made in the spirit of indie pop, world/folk with elements of soul. However, all the charms of Lauren Aquilina and her new album lurk in the details and the general mood here is truly magical. The debut album also boasts enough good ideas which he may have and easy to ugliness, but so memorable and catchy, as the bulk of the choruses Isn't It Strange?, what surprised a creative young singer about sound and production in general even talking is not worth it-everything is in place, all wonderful.

Lauren Aquilina from his debut album Isn't It Strange? definitely take the place of your playlist. Longplay is extremely rich and most importantly sincere. Good studio work for all lovers of quality pop music. Pleasant listening!

26.09.2016 11:52:44

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Lauren Aquilina
Isn't It Strange?

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