Can get to the top of the best albums of the year...

Perspective became Lawson new album, which took place on 8 July in Global Entertainment. The album includes 12 fresh tracks.

British musical formation Lawson after great success, came together with the debut longplay, aimed at consolidating the success. Four years later, a second longplay Perspective, about which we talk.

Perspective meets us powerful musical Squall, whose base is in the pop and rock music. Literally from the very beginning, the album is striking in its compositional force. The song Money has an excellent chorus in the best traditions of the group, and verse-chorus part with its groove bass guitar line exactly make you in tact. Where My Love Goes somewhat dilutes the powerful sound Money, a slight whiff of lyrics that cannot be ignored. Just want to mention a song named Roads, which also safely fly in your playlist, the trail for the rest of the songs.

Lawson released longplay, which can definitely get to the top of the best albums of the year each individual listener. All the songs are varied, but are made whole and none of the submitted works not knocked out of the entire Pack. Composer thought just amazed throughout the album. How could I write 12 balanced and excellent compositions and send in one plate, remains anyone's guess.

Fresh studio work from British guys Lawson must be heard by you. Gorgeous plate, made on a solid five. Pleasant listening!

13.07.2016 15:12:45
Genres: Pop, Pop Rock

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