Lindsey Stirling
Brave Enough

Brave Enough turned out to be extensive and rich...

Lindsey Stirling has released its new studio work, which has received the name Brave Enough. In the delux version of the album included 18 songs, which came out on August 19 Lindseystomp Music.

29-year-old Lindsey Stirling this year has pleased all fans of their music to third full-length longplay. All who are familiar with the work of Lindsey Stirling know that composer and performer, with violin and keyboards creates gorgeous, unimaginable and original music. The Brave Enough presented a mix consisting of dubstep and classical.

Brave Enough turned out to be extensive and rich not only ideas, but also on the star guests, among which worth mentioning Christina Perri, Carah Faye, ZZ Ward and not only. After the first acquaintance and the third longplay comes the same surprise as when we first met with creativity Lindsey Stirling. LP was unusually diverse, but still performed in the usual manner of American performers.

Distillation and apogee musical talent Lindsey Stirling can be heard on such songs as The Arena, Something Wild and the eponymous album, but as you can guess, this is only a brief and generalized list.

Lindsey Stirling with his new studio album titled Brave Enough definitely will attract and enjoy most of the listeners, which in one way or another, like classical music with elements of modern genres. Pleasant listening!

15.09.2016 13:18:50

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Lindsey Stirling
Brave Enough

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