My Wild West

The singer has invested all the power, emotion and soul into longplay...

Lissie has released a new album, called My Wild West. Longplay has 12 songs, which took place on 12 February, Lionboy Records.

American singer-songwriter Lissie has a nice trend for all listeners, releasing albums every three year. This time the story repeated again. My Wild West ends the story of the musical trilogy, which began in the distant year of 2010. My Wild West heralds new musical achievements and not only.

Songs that entered My Wild West, executed in the same characteristic manner for the performer, whose real name is Elisabeth Maurus. Stylistically all 12 performed in the spirit of the adjacent between classic rock and world/folk. All this musical show juicy seasoned with pleasant spirit of the country.

33-year-old singer has invested all the emotions, all the soul in this longplay. It was released quite varied, but in spite of that lost brightness, impulse and, most importantly, sincerity. Just want to say that the album and individual songs will please many, even those listeners who do not perceive this kind of music.

If you are in search of a new, fresh and very pleasant to the touch music, then fresh from Lissie longplay, entitled My Wild West will bring long-awaited open emotion, that will stay with you for a long time.

18.03.2016 10:56:00

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My Wild West

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