Bobby Tarantino

Longplay turned out diverse and really groove...

Logic has released a new album, which was given the name Bobby Tarantino. The album was released on July 1 at Def Jam Recordings and has 11 tracks.

Composer, performer, producer, anchor and just a young guy from the United States, known as Logic released disc Bobby Tarantino, which took third place in the discography of the artist. Logic differs from many artists not only professional, but also the fact that for the past 3 years, mark has worked tirelessly and writes longplay, who like watches, each year go into the network.

Bobby Tarantino incorporates perhaps those competencies, which acquired Logic himself throughout his career. Bobby Tarantino whole is not like anybody else, work of authorship, and only. If focus more intently on the third longplay American artist, it can be noted the strong influence of new school hip-hop, with its autotune, trap beats and other things. But don't forget about Logic and the roots, proof of such compositions as 44 Bars, Wrist, recorded with the participation of Pusha T, as well as The jam. Longplay turned out diverse, but in moderation and really groove.

Boldly, it may be noted that Bobby Tarantino is one of the key works of Logic at the moment. Inexhaustible talent author excites consciousness its promise and energy. Good album for true fans of hip-hop music. Pleasant listening!

24.08.2016 14:14:46
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Bobby Tarantino

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