Good Grief

You will be fascinated with the overall sound of the group...

Lucius release fresh studio work called Good Grief. Delux version of the album was released on March 11 this year and contains 17 songs.

Your attention, dear listeners, fresh plate from the Brooklyn team that took third place in the discography of the Americans. Good Grief all the forces trying to break out of the usual cliches of British sound that can be observed in such style as indie pop and indie rock. And first merit Good Grief for Lucius is that breakthrough occurred to some extent. Compositions that filled the Good Grief sound is actually a firm, even if initially it seems that sound, and songs by ear perceived clumsy. Maybe some of you would need additional time to worthy listen Good Grief, but it's worth it.

Good Grief first things first shines an abundance of stunning voices and then change on the disc. The fact of the matter is that of the five participants sang Good Grief literally everything, to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, you will find both general sound and instruments separately.

Which is why Good Grief from Lucius could not claim the highest estimate, so it is due to the lack of diversity in the compositions. Not that musicians copied themselves from a track in the track, simply swapped manner of performance with the ease predicted and this is not explained by the framework of the genre. But, without a doubt, Lucius and their album Good Grief is worthy of attention and respect. The enormous work that has been attached to each song will not leave you indifferent.

27.03.2016 16:48:59

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Good Grief

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