Marian Hill

Great job for someone who knows a lot about music...

Marian Hill released its new disc, known as ACT ONE. Longplay was released June 24 on Republic Records and consists of 12 compositions.

Young but very unusual musical duo consisting of vocalist Samantha Gongol and musician Jeremy Lloyd, released their first full-length album. Marian Hill original and unusual at the outset their approach to creating music. ACT ONE resembles a combination of genres like pop, jazz, alternative and electronic.

At the core of ACT ONE lie minimalistic instrumental and incredibly rich vocals. The music itself is really simple at first glance, but as we know, is in the details. If the focus when listening to the album on the music itself, it can be seen that the songs primarily consist of simple bits, as, for example, track Down, and I Want You and original semlov. Vocals only ACT ONE, and in general the Marian Hill deserves great attention, Samantha Gongol not just sings and makes it so cool and original, that entire debut longplay just Shimmers alive and rich colors, analogues which simply do not find.

ACT ONE attracts with its simplicity and sincerity, and it is important. Marian Hill released a more than decent the first full-scale plate. Great job for someone who knows a lot about music and loves all kinds of unusual musical experiments. We strongly recommend you to listen!

01.08.2016 12:53:23
Genres: Jazz, Pop, R'n'B, Soul

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Marian Hill

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