Mark Rose
The Wild Type

An ambitious guy from Chicago released too good work for his debut disc...

Mark Rose has released the fresh plate, known as The Wild Type. The album is presented in the form of 10 tracks, which took place on 25 September at InVogue Records.

Young but very ambitious guy from Chicago who is not hiding behind pseudonyms, released the Studio work that hurts good for a debut album. Firstly, it is worth noting that the mutually beneficial cooperation with the notorious label is not wasted, so we can appreciate the truly excellent sound of The Wild Type. The Mark Rose to its record covers a huge part of the musical audience due to the enormous number of used styles, among which stands out pop, alternative and even r'n'b, which specifically expressed in such compositions as Like a Dark Sky Holds the Moon.

The mood of the plate The Wild Type flows from one extreme to the other, both overtly lyrical compositions, and more lively, although the advantage takes all the same light melancholy inherent in this season of the year.

Unlike other, similar to the style of young performers, Mark Rose has not resorted to some tricks in the form of famous guest artists, and all the work done completely by myself. Finally, I would like to note that the colorful album cover perfectly complements the musical canvas and does it not embellish. Good, nice work for fans of the genre.

06.10.2015 01:00:32

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Mark Rose
The Wild Type

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