The Violent Sleep of Reason

Excellent continuation of musical saga Meshuggah...

Meshuggah released a new studio disc, which was called The Violent Sleep of Reason. The album was released through Nuclear Blast on October 7 and consists of 10 songs.

For metal-teams from Sweden, The Violent Sleep of Reason became the eighth Studio album in the discography. After a powerful release Koloss full four years have passed, so it was high time to update the music situation. The Violent Sleep of Reason, as expected, became a place where with the forces nouvelles, connected math metal, progressive metal and avant-garde metal.

Such previously released singles, as Born In Dissonance, Nostrum and Clockworks entered the new longplay gang and form the backbone of the plates. But Meshuggah would not constitute, if not left many interesting and delicious things for dessert. Such tracks like MonstroCity, Ivory Tower and composition, will crush its audience a vast mass of genuine groove.

The Violent Sleep of Reason is a great sound and a great continuation of the musical saga Meshuggah, which from album to album create something really new, but what always and everywhere will be associated only with this group. We strongly recommend to listen new longplay Meshuggah, but warn that unlike Koloss, which instantly went almost all The Violent Sleep of Reason may require a few additional auditions for full awareness of what is happening. Pleasant listening!

07.12.2016 14:37:17

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The Violent Sleep of Reason

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