For What It's Worth

Good disc for a specific audience...

Mickey released his latest work, which was marked, as For What it's Worth. Longplay was released on his own label musician June 24 and only 9 tracks.

On the whole, musician and artist such as Mickey little is known, but only exactly what a young guy knows something about modern hip-hop. For What it's Worth of an impression as a sufficient quality and promising work on an extremely popular scene. What is so remarkable For What it's Worth, you ask?

If in general consider fresh longplay author, primarily catches the very good bits though not filled with freshness and innovation, but still ready to shake the listener. Moving next to improvise the list definitely worth mentioning himself, his voice and manner and not feeding. Specifically, the voice of Mickey something elusive gets into the soul, and is remembered as a consequence clings, and it is already quite good. Manner and we deliberately omitted from a small description, because, unfortunately, there is nothing to stress. Moreover, the annoying omissions want if frankly second-rate LP artwork, but who pays attention at all?

Generally speaking, it would be desirable to summarize that For What it's Worth a good plate to a specific audience. Mickey is also good as a writer and performer, but it is something to think about and work hard. Fans of modern hip-hop/rap music is dedicated to.

1. Goals (03:22)
2. What I Do (03:50)
3. Elevated (03:10)
4. A California Paradise (04:54)
5. GhostMan (02:33)
6. Finessin' (03:01)
7. Know the Ghost (03:57)
8. The Resistance (02:59)
9. Something About You (03:03)
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21.08.2016 11:20:57
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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For What It's Worth

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