Release is designed for thoughtful and prolonged listening...

Miran released their new disc, which received the same name. The album consists of 9 songs that came out 15 August this year on its own label.

Gentlemen, your attention a recent album, not afraid of the word genius composer and artist Miran. Jumping slightly forward in order to whet your interest, it should be noted that such you hardly heard somewhere.

Extremely sad and sad that such wonderful authors do not enjoy the wildly popular, although there are what give the laurels. About Miran little is known, but that is not the point when we can enjoy his music. The author has established itself as a crazy experimenter, although intentionally creates an image of a very conservative person in terms of music. That would not beat around the Bush, just say that longplay Miran is made from a huge number of genres. Composer, like in parts of space matter has created a new world, which received the same name.

Frankly, the first two tracks it is difficult to understand what is happening. Miran is so cleverly disguises their experiments that they still catch this wonderful musical sea. From the words of the author, his music is not that other, as alternative, indie rock. Certainly, the way it is, however, in addition to Studio work exists post rock and progressive rock. From the first was based on the atmosphere, such as The composition of Pioneer. Progressive slips in turn literally everywhere in varying degrees - changing dimensions, characteristic sound, sometimes intricate designs.

Summing up a small summary, I would like to say that the Miran and his namesake will be an eye-opener for all who are not indifferent to the experiments. This release is intended solely for thoughtful and prolonged listening, so as to catch all the thoughts and ideas of the author for several times simply impossible.

1. So This Is What It Feels like to Have an Idea (02:27)
2. The Pioneer (03:59)
3. Reality Terravision (04:29)
4. Twenty Is Zero (03:55)
5. Biased (03:32)
6. With Both Ends Lit (04:04)
7. Why so Spurious (03:24)
8. Disagree to Agree (03:51)
9. Nova (05:02)
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28.08.2015 15:32:38

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