Our Own House

New album MisterWives long will delight the audience with their quality and positive tracks of...

New indie pop band MisterWives has been gaining popularity. Lead singer of the American band the young girl Mandy Lee Duffy, who also supported Etienne Bowler, bassist William Hehir, guitarist Marc Campbell, and electronic processing is Jesse Blum. The band plays music that is specific to a certain circle of listeners. They are somewhat similar to such famous indie bands like Twenty One Pilots, Half Moon Run. Her first release guys presented in January 2014 onwards, Reflections, and a year later the band released their next album titled Our Own House.

This release is designed in the same style as the previous one, music, helpful, positive. Does not load and does not clog the head. Specific album cover. Colorful animals on a gray background. Here is immediately visible implication: make a cheerful and positive notes (like animals on the album) in a gray boring life (building and forest). This is an American indie pop band.

The disc represents the twelve tracks are similar among themselves. The same is roughly true, but not all of the same style and music throughout the album doesn't change, except for the last two songs, where music is a bit quieter and deeper. Queen and Vagabond.

01.03.2015 12:38:01
Genres: Pop, Indie Pop

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Our Own House

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