Space theme musical expanses...

Nexus was the fresh album for the band Monolith. The album contains 12 songs, which took place on 9 April on his own label group.

If you are interested in space themes in the musical, then at least the new album from Canadian gang Monolith should be of interest to you. Three years ago, metal trio has released their debut longplay, which, unfortunately, was not well received by the public, was however, Nexus, this case may be seriously corrected.

To begin, I would like to note that the Monolith in his music combines melodic death metal, progressive metal and symphonic metal, which gives extraordinary volume of sound and not excess.

Overture the album rather smoothly introduces its audience into the basics of the situation that has occurred on the Nexus and also not hustled spends his until the climax, giving fully enough and feel each individual song. Instrumental Nexus came out very good and professional, maybe even in moments of unusual by today's standards. However, all the music impression can spoil its vocals, to which stands somewhat get used over several tracks. We cannot say that the vocal part of the lamina of the notoriously awful, no, just the timbre of frontman a few specific for this kind of music.

Nevertheless, Canadian Monolith and their Nexus deserves your attention if you're inclined to know what is happening on the territory of modern metal and infinite space.

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