Orthodoxy and the group album just rolls over...

Mortillery released in light fresh longplay, whose name the Shapeshifter. The album saw the light of day may 27 on Napalm Records and consists of 12 songs.

Here came the fourth studio album from the famous german metallers Mortillery. Immediately I want to note that the Shapeshifter, like all the creativity of the team dedicated to present fans of rampant and fast thrash metal. Mortillery another 8 years ago adopted the idea of playing thrash metal, but not american - german, with unique sound games.

For those not familiar with the works of Mortillery, the Shapeshifter meets us high, almost hard vocals, which gives way to a beautiful high parties. He is accompanied by extremely fast paced, machine-gun guitars, technical drum parts and not only. Orthodoxy of the album and the group directly simply goes and surprises. Shapeshifter is an incredible gift for those listeners who fun from this genre and remembered during his heyday. Mortillery really the panacea thrash metal of our time. They are easily recognized and easy to remember, and excellent sound Shapeshifter simply dements and want to play the album again and again.

The longplee also featured 3 bonus tracks, as well as the excellent cover, made in the best traditions of the genre. Good studio work from the german team, which bears the entire culture of style within itself.

01.07.2016 12:14:47

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