Not a classic manifestation of progressive metal...

Myrath released in light of the new studio work, which was called Legacy. The album includes 12 songs, which took place on 12 February on Nightmare Records.

Metal Banda from Tunisia has got in this year's fourth studio album. Myrath can envy many collectives. Guys have outgrown the usual cover bands, and, despite the social difficulties of their geographic location, the group produces very peculiar and original material. Well, the last album released five years ago and now we try to understand what's interesting about Myrath prepared this time.

Immediately I want to summarize that Myrath on Legacy has not changed in terms of playing time. As before, the material combines such stylistic branch as progressive metal, which lies at the heart of the new music, as well as oriental metal whose main task is to transfer the entire Middle East.

Frankly, if not stylistic offshoot of folk metal, namely the oriental metal, would succeed is not so bright. The song, of course, thought out to the smallest detail, complex passages, the abundance of melodies and gorgeous clean vocals makes Legacy extremely attractive and delicious plate. However, first and foremost, not a classic manifestation of progressive metal, because there is nothing purely new and raided Eastern culture and appropriate melodic figures in songs.

Good work will appeal to those who are tired of the usual metal without raisins and liking so listeners who like cultural references in music.

17.02.2016 03:43:52

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