Newborn Mind

If you like no standard and fresh musical solutions...

Napoleon issued a new longplay, entitled the Mind of a Newborn. The album consists of 10 songs, which was held May 27 at the Basick Records.

British musicians released their long awaited debut longplay, entitled the Mind of a Newborn. After two fairly successful EP albums, nothing else, as a furore from the full-length album, listeners might not expect. An interesting feature of the Newborn Mind as actually last creativity Napoleon, is literally a unique mix of stylistic branches.

Specifically, the musicians combine melodic hardcore and metalcore with progressive metal, namely grooves, which are typical for this genre. Good came out or not to judge you, but the question of originality of the disc is definitely closed.

Newborn Mind meets us ten songs, whose mood will change and vary so quickly that you may not be able to keep track of their change. At Newborn Mind sufficiently tightened technology by musicians, songs, unlike the earlier EP, had become more elaborate and complex, but it was not to the detriment of a familiar melody.

If you like no standard and fresh musical, the young musicians of Napoleon with his album Newborn Mind can show you their truly fresh thinking in familiar genres. A magnificent album for all fans of melodic metal. Pleasant listening!

08.06.2016 13:38:51

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Newborn Mind

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