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Team Napalm Records, Anorexia released fresh plate whose name Agony. Longplay above 3 June and consists of 12 tracks.

Who would have thought, but even such doors the harsh thrash metal genre are open to the participation of the fairer sex. Severe female metal trio from Brazil to the delight of all the fans of Anorexia old school format released its third studio disc, over which the gang worked for about two years.

Doors swing open with a composition of Agony Arrogance, which perfectly sets the tempo for the rest of hits. The tracks included in the disc are distinguished by their aggressive message, excellent sound, good arrangements, standard, but attractive enough riffs and, of course, memorable extreme female vocals. Some of the songs vividly remind creativity Slayer that decently noticed on such works as Deception, so that fans on the note. With regard to the lyrical content, everything is the same as a standard and familiar, as in the tool part. The songs touched on themes of war, aggression and, of course, conspiracy theories.

The Brazilian team of Nervosa and their new album Agony presents a portion of this, heavy, fast and aggressive music. If you are a fan of thrash metal, then pass by you is strictly prohibited. Top-notch studio material from young but very ambitious gang.

16.07.2016 15:17:26

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