Therapy Session

The work turned out to be extremely atmospheric and memorable...

NF has released a long-awaited fresh longplay, entitled Therapy Session. The album was released April 22 at Capitol CMG Label Group and contains 14 tracks.

Incredibly hard, almost any novice artist, following the successful debut release studio disc, which will keep the bar style and professionalism at a decent level, as well as her smoothly lift. American hip-hop/rap artist Nathan Feuerstein, who hides under the creative pseudonym NF, with release Therapy Session showed incredible results.

Second longplay American anchors, like the debut album, is full of gorgeous lyrics, excellent instrumentation, grime and not only. Mood Therapy Session reigns unimaginable, all fans of this hip hop will be delighted. The work turned out to be extremely atmospheric and most importantly remember, thanks largely to a really diverse tracks. One has only to compare the song titled How Could You Leave Us and Wish You Wouldn't. The song of the same name from the album performed so generally beyond praise and instantly go to the playlist. However, we recommend that you listen to longplay from beginning to end, because this is the only way to fully feel such sound and competent work.

From guest musicians the Therapy Session, only made Jonathan Thulin. And finally it should be noted that a variety of arrangements has surpassed the expectations of even the author himself probably. Excellent sequel plate Mansion. All pleasant listening!

02.05.2016 16:13:51
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Therapy Session

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