Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Skeleton Tree

Longplay stepped charismatic and recognizable...

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds released a new album called the Skeleton Tree. It was released on September 9 Ltd Bad Seed and consists of 8 tracks.

For the Australian band Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree became the 16-th studio album. Previous longplay Push the Sky Away, released in 2013 was a perfect representation of alternative rock copyright hues, but the Skeleton Tree to alternative rock and ambient joined, which is more than enough on the disc, as well as electronica and avant-garde.

It is interesting to note that the basis of all compositions comprising a master merge of ambient and electronica and a feeling of amorphous and abstract album that adds disc charm and aestheticism. Despite the slow pace of developments, longplay stepped charismatic and recognizable. Perhaps the only thing that can upset fan Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, so a small number of tracks. But despite this, the album lasts almost 40 minutes, that in general it is a good idea.

Previously released singles, such as Jesus Alone and Skeleton Tree are also included on the disc and also represent the backbone of the tracks, which focused the rest in terms of quality and level. Skeleton Tree turned out moderately diverse, so that fans of the team and just good music definitely will appreciate the new album from known gang. Pleasant listening!

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Skeleton Tree

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