Songs are easy to grasp and have very specific arrangements...

Nicole has released the latest studio album called Bliss. The album consists of 13 songs, which took place at CJ Victor Entertainment on April 27.

For Japanese singer Nicole became a full-fledged, Bliss, the debut album that reveals the singer not only as a lyrical person. In Bliss entered tracks previously issued, for example, an arrangement called Something Special.

On classics of the genre, Nicole works in j-pop format, but it is interesting that most of the songs, and more specifically the lyrics of songs performed in English, with the exception of the opening album songs Precious Time and Mama. Mama was published earlier, but in the English format.

Bliss is a typical manifestation of Japanese pop music, but pleasant voice Nicole multiple sets it apart from other performers. Songs are easy to grasp and have very specific arrangement, characteristic of the style. If you like j-pop, Bliss unconditionally will interest you.

Openly released songs among Bliss a little because longplay turned out to be balanced in this respect. Studio firstborn Japanese singer is also a dancing character, composition of Lunar.

In general, Bliss from Nicole deserves your attention if you like above music format, as well as if you want today to hear something exotic. Good and nice studio work, but by no means perfect.

1. Precious Time (04:39)
2. Happy (03:36)
3. Wonderful baby (03:27)
4. Lunar (03:17)
5. Say Good Bye (03:48)
6. Lucky Day (04:02)
7. Need a Love (03:38)
8. Memories (05:46)
9. Recall (03:36)
10. Something Special (03:13)
11. Don't Stop (03:27)
12. Dream of Love (03:59)
13. Mama (Japanese Ver.) (03:30)
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08.05.2016 14:46:51
Genres: Pop, J-Pop

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