Blue Birds

Piercing and fascinating voice...

Nicole released her new studio creation that has been called the Blue Birds. Longplay was released on his own label on February 3 performers and has 8 songs.

Meet Nicole Arellano and her first studio album Blue Birds. Girl about which little is known, however, for the first disc you can already assume that Nicole is configured seriously. Style Blue Birds is alternative and pop, with small variations in different parties, but not significant to focus on them.

Blue Birds is discerning listener a compilation of eight extraordinary and diverse songs, each of which tells a separate and unique history. Piercing and fascinating voice of the Nicole Arellano could not stay unnoticed, because in it there is something unimaginably wonderful and at the same time unusual. He can be arrogant, can be deep and sensual, and can even become overly emotional.

The instrumental part of the disc is only the leitmotif of the voices of Nicole and all the attention is drawn to it, the voice.

Nicole and her debut studio album Blue Birds you can become interesting if you like minimalist and serene music and great vocals. Here you will find a pleasant company. All pleasant listening!

16.04.2017 09:12:03
Genres: Pop

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Blue Birds

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