The album is simply overflowing with magnificent hits...

Normandie released fresh longplay, named Inguz. Studio recording contains 10 tracks, which took place on 11 March, on his own label collective.

For a picturesque Norwegian musical formations Normandie Inguz became a full-fledged debut album, which turned out to be troubled and emotional. Musicians about three years spent working on the fact that we now can partake of and enjoy. The team offers a fascinating mix of alternative rock and electronic. It is noteworthy that the latter referred to a musical genre, is used only for decoration, musicians to create interesting arrangements, without which would be listened to tracks monotonous and outdated.

Yes, you understood correctly, all decorated in a trendy maximum Inguz, radio format, but without overtones and a hint of commercial focus. Just want to say, note fans that Inguz, Yes and the creativity of the Normandie, somewhat reminiscent of the latest albums do like Papa Roach. It is the name of this group arises in the mind, once we start getting acquainted with Inguz. Good or bad, judging, of course you.

Complete on LP compositions possess enviable energy. The album is simply overflowing with magnificent hits, among which I would like to mention a song called Awakening and Loop Hole, but as you know this is only the beginning of the story. The album deserves the attention of those listeners who are watching to see how actively become a modern heavy music and acquires even greater mass character.

20.03.2016 17:59:36

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