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Novembre released in light of the new studio work titled Ursa. Longplay has 10 tracks, which took place on 1 April on Peaceville Records.

Long-suffering Italians silent order 9 years without releasing a single studio recording. Interestingly, the Ursa debuted two new musicians who fully updated rhythm section of the Italian heavy metal band.

Included in the Ursa tracks show us all a new milestone in the works of Novembre, even though the Group has not lost its stylistically from his path. At Ursa placed a mixture of genres such as progressive metal, doom metal and gothic metal.

Thanks to the single party gang, who stood at the origins of Novembre, Carmelo Orlando, the team has not lost its zest and easily recognisable composition among other bands. Ursa listens extremely fresh, somewhere simple melodies is go, which came to replace the original and innovative passages. All this great music event accompanied by no less than amazing artwork that graced the already mythic album Ursa. Meanwhile, lyrics of Ursa is rich in epithets and deals with day-to-day issues is not.

If you are looking for something magical, amazing and something that will shake the air dragging and rich melodies, the album Ursa from Italian gangs Novembre impeccably will cope with this task and be remembered for a long time. Pleasant listening!

06.04.2016 14:36:07

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