If you like a Pendulum, Knife Party and Nine Inch Nails...

NRV published a new longplay, whose name the Nightwalker. The album contains 13 songs, which occurred on December 18 Hitchings Mattew last year.

Mattew Hitchings, it is the name of electronic musician, who hides under the creative pseudonym NRV. Nightwalker author does not become a new work. Musician behind not one Studio show, which performed at the junction of such genres as house and drum'n'bass. It is worth noting that in the new longplay, the musician never became anything fundamentally changed his views and became study lowdown genre and consequently try to write something new.

Submitted 13 songs are actually quite diverse, but like any other professional, expertly connected with one simple, but very important element - handwriting. He was the one to disc Nightwalker became more textured and clear with what, in fact, stands to congratulate the author.

NRV does not possess an extensive fan base. As we all know, smart is always a minority. NRV is not chasing universal acceptance, and runs entirely on the result. But under the result means significant progress from album to album.

If you like such as Pendulum, Knife Party, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, the NRV with his longplay Nightwalker will pleasantly surprise you. Finally I want to add that the creativity of these commands and inspired to create your own tracks.

13.01.2016 09:40:58

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