October Tide
Winged Waltz

Deep guttural vocals and various guitar riffs...

October Tide released a new album titled Winged Waltz. It was released 22 April, Agonia Records and consists of 8 tracks.

For a start, it should be noted that October Tide is a side project of guitarist and vocalist of the group Katatonia, that in principle there is meaningful when checking out new album band Winged Waltz, who took fifth place in the discography of the band. October Tide is kind of outlet for the participants of Katatonia, because here they can realize their ideas in such stylistic boundaries, as doom metal and death metal.

Fresh plate turned out to be a very heavy Swedes with rather oppressive atmosphere. Deep guttural vocals and various guitar riffs make an album quite collected and performed in one format, but the palette of moods here great changes from track to track. Mixing doom metal and death metal musicians have managed to combine aggression on A Question Ignite, melancholy mood that vividly presented on song Swarm.

Fresh tracks presented long and each one of them takes you no less than five minutes. Despite this, the Winged Waltz entered all 8 tracks, so the disc is heard fairly easy and not prolonged.

October Tide with its fresh album Winged Waltz clearly will be interesting both for fans of Katatonia, and all fans of doom metal, which has been under severe influence of death metal. Pleasant listening!

11.06.2016 15:28:47

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October Tide
Winged Waltz

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