Generation Doom

Otep added modernity in their sound...

Otep released a new album, called Generation Doom. Delux version of the album consists of 17 songs, which took place on 15 April on Napalm Records.

To its 16 anniversary, which will celebrate the band collective release 7-th studio work that long before its official release was received warmly. Otep many familiar and much liking for their first gusts at the dawn of the noughties. A little later the hype much slept, but everything is back to square one, judging by the latest liner notes.

On Generation Doom group presented us with ourselves in its best years. Otep, as if not knowing the years and fatigue under the strict guidance of the Otep Shamaya could consider gathering these hits. You can say for sure that this is the best work of Doom Generation group for the last time.

In the delux version of the disc except for the fresh and original tracks include some works that are signed as Spoker Word Poem. The name speaks for itself, so if you're on the you in English, be sure to notice the lyrical component not only of these tracks, but the whole album as a whole. In addition, the Generation Doom presented bonus tracks and one remix of the track On the Shore.

At the end of all, I would like to say that it's nice to see idols rebellion zero. Otep added modernity in their sound and their alternative metal sound for Generation Doom more than relevant. Pleasant listening!

21.04.2016 12:06:55

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Generation Doom

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