Panda Eyes
Nostalgia 64

Great longplay that dripping is laced with high-quality works...

Panda Eyes released a new studio album called Nostalgia 64. Longplay was released July 15 on his own label musician and has 7 songs.

Young electronic musician from Zurich, Oskar Steinbeck, better known under the pseudonym Panda Eyes, creative released a new longplay Nostalgia 64. Panda Eyes as the basis of its new work as ever took dubstep and glitch. As you know, this case does not end and expanses of Nostalgia can be found 64 is still a large number of different EDM genres that are presented to a greater or lesser extent from track to track.

Unfortunately, Nostalgia 64 just included 7 tracks, so that such a large-scale diversity both on Kiko, Nostalgia 64 you will not find. The impression is that Nostalgia is an intermediate 64 job to not let their fans bored before the next terrific musical furorom. However, Nostalgia is not 64 bad and performed exclusively for canons and handwriting style 20-year-old musician. Nostalgia turned 64 as a brief continuation of Kiko, with similar ideas. The new disc will not undermine guy, except that afflicts a small number of tracks.

If you like high-quality electronic music, Nostalgia 64 from Panda Eyes is definitely what you need. Great longplay, which thoroughly laced with high-quality works. Pleasant listening!

02.09.2016 10:12:10

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Panda Eyes
Nostalgia 64

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