Paper Lights
Great Escapes

Unreal atmosphere...

Paper Lights released their latest studio album called Great Escapes. The album consists of 14 songs, which occurred on 10 January, on his own label group.

Absolutely young musical Duo based in Atlanta that the United States has recently released his first full-scale plate, which will satisfy all lovers of alternative and pop music.

Probably one of the few that distinguishes Great Escapes from the mass of other similar releases, is the incredible atmosphere, which, unfortunately, is built on minimalism. The fact of the matter is that for 14 tracks album version delux frankly a little boring this minimalistic music shell, which emphasized the musicians. However, if the abstract and just relax, "comes" instantly.

For LP you can hear small blotches of items that were borrowed and then authors from other genres. Vocals that we can hear the Great Escapes, good enough and pleasant.

Overall, Great Escapes from the young duo Paper Lights definitely deserves your attention and you clearly enjoy it, provided that you accept debut disc the guys without further. Pleasant listening!

28.03.2017 10:22:48

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Paper Lights
Great Escapes

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