Paul Simon
Stranger to Stranger

If you are a fan of light music...

Paul Simon released a new Studio release, called the Stranger to Stranger. Longplay consists of 11 tracks, which took place on 3 June at the Condor Music Group.

American composer, performer and actor Paul Simon released his 13-th LP after five years studio silence. The music of Paul Simon has grown not one generation, because the musician works since the mid 60's. Nice to hear that Paul Simon tries to keep pace with the times, but never forgets about his own handwriting. Stranger to Stranger to all this wonderful audibly on songs entitled a Wristband.

As far as genre aspect, everything here is somewhat predictable. The author didn't bother coming up with new formulas for success, and went on the trodden path folk rock music. When we first met with a Stranger to Stranger course rushes into account good sound and inexhaustible charisma the Paul Simon. Longplay is quite short even though standard tracks. The album presented two papers, namely The Clock and In the Garden of Edie, the duration of which does not exceed 1:50 minutes.

In General, if you are a fan of the classic manifestations of light music with a slight taste of world/folk and rock, Paul Simon with its fresh dtudio work Stranger to Stranger definitely should you enjoy. Good job for real connoisseurs.

04.07.2016 14:30:02

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Paul Simon
Stranger to Stranger

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