The Uncanny Valley

Perturbator grows in many aspects...

Perturbator released its new Studio disc called The Uncanny Valley. The album was released on May 6 Blood Music and contains 13 songs.

French musician James Kent, after favourites black metal band as a guitarist, decided to try a very experimental genre at the time. All this childishness resulted in extremely serious and ambitious musical project Perturbator, which to date, time released his fourth full-length release.

Longplay hospitably meets all its listeners, as before, excellent and persistent combination of branches, as dark wave, synthwave and just electronic. If anyone remembers the Perturbator on video game Hotline Miami, then get ready] to The Uncanny Valley will be very unexpected things already. Turning to the fact immediately it is worth noting that James Kent and his Perturbator from LP to LP grows in many aspects. For example, arrangements were extended and became even more stylish, but varied, and the composition as a whole have become more thoughtful and with some vocals.

Speaking of vocals. On The Uncanny Valley, in addition to the musician, attended Astronoid, Hayley Stewart, Greta Link and not only. Honestly, this vocal music is heard even more atmospheric and stihotvorno.

Perturbator with his new album The Uncanny Valley expands its own horizons, but stays true personal canons and continues to conquer unexplored depths synthwave music.

11.05.2016 10:33:29

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The Uncanny Valley

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