Petite Meller
Lil Empire

Simple but breathtaking melodies, pleasing arrangements...

Petite Meller released their latest Studio album called Lil Empire. The album was released on Island Records on September 9 and consists of 12 tracks.

As you know Petite Meller after his work in Terry Poison began a solo career that couldn't blow up the music world. After a series of singles and EPs, Petite "Meller" released the debut studio full disc, which revealed his talent in such style as pop with elements of indie.

Lil Empire turned out very inspiring work, on which there was no room for melancholy and lyricism. Interestingly, the Petite Meller itself is not only a performer but also a composer his works. Singer tried to make his debut work as diverse. In our view, the Petite Meller is by and large succeeded.

Simple but breathtaking melodies, pleasing arrangements, good voice and a good sound makes Lil Empire quite suitable album for listening to all the fans of light music. Petite Meller showed that alone can make quite suitable work. In the meantime, enjoy the fresh album and hope that the new album from the Petite Meller will not be long in coming.

Petite Meller with its first full-fledged album Lil Empire certainly will please you with its mood and ease. Good album absolutely for everyone. Pleasant listening!

16.10.2016 09:50:51
Genres: Pop, Indie Pop

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Petite Meller
Lil Empire

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