Head Carrier

Diversity is the main part of Head Carrier...

The Pixies released a new album titled Head Carrier. It was released on September 30 Pixies Music and consists of 12 compositions.

Head Carrier took sixth position in the discography of the famous American band. This time, fresh 12 tracks are a blend of alternative rock, indie rock and pop rock. From the middle of this summer, musicians from the Pixies began to agitate the minds of fans of cuppa singles releases in the total amount of up to three. They all entered the new longplay gang and you can say exactly what it is they make up the backbone of the fresh album.

It is interesting to note that the group selected a special sound in order to fully unleash the potential of the idea, and also songs, so don't be surprised if some questions arise first listening to the sound and try to look at it from the other side. Compositions were extremely varied, one need only compare the two tracks, Baal's Back, that's probably the worst on the album and the final album track All The Saints.

Diversity is the main chip Head Carrier. This charm makes it easy for any music lover find the track on its disposition.

By and large, long-awaited album from almost legendary Pixies, Head of Carrier turned out as it waited for the most-diverse, partly contradictory. Head Carrier from Pixies uniquely to your liking if you like high-quality alternative music. Pleasant listening!

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Head Carrier

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