Poets of the Fall

Bloated number of tracks that lay claim to the position of hits...

Poets of the Fall released a new longplay, which was named Clearview. The album was released on 30 September and Oy, Insomniac has 11 tracks.

Clearview took seventh place in the discography of the Finnish team. No matter how it was weird, but noticeably strong Clearview tool framework and it is felt throughout. Despite the, so to speak, a narrow stylistic focus groups, musicians still managed to slightly refine sound familiar alternative rock new melodies.

Among the 11 fresh songs bloated number of photographs, which firmly lay claim to the position. In this hard to believe until the release of the disc, because the album had been preceded by only one single-Drama for Life, which was very good. The title track, she is single, perfectly sets the pace and mood of the whole album, though it quickly enough to changing. The total duration of the LP is nearly 41 minutes, which is quite acceptable and actually proved is not prolonged.

In general from Clearview only positive emotions from detailed listening. If you are a fan of creativity of Poets of the Fall and just alternative rock in general, fresh longplay Finns definitely appeals to you, even despite all the old genre. Musicians in a new way to look at your own creativity and it fructified. Pleasant listening!

31.10.2016 08:28:28

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Poets of the Fall

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