No Cure No Saviour

Has the inimitable energy and good dynamics...

No Cure No Saviour became to Polar new album, which was released May 6 on Prosthetic Records. The album includes 11 fresh songs.

Back in the year 2009, in the UK, five local lads formed a friendly gang Polar, which after many years has gained such popularity in the local scene, that the musicians could not imagine. Today we will talk about the new full-size creation group called No Cure No Saviour.

In its fresh music, not really moving away from old style course, guys joined the melodic hardcore and metalcore, although the latter is actually here quite a bit. In the general picture of the music is quite reminiscent of fellow scene Climates, Heart in Hand and Hundredth, so fans. However, this is just a surplus of style. The music included in the No Cure No Saviour has its own, inimitable energy, good dynamics and a drop of originality, for which special "thank you" is a vocalist of the band. His vocal abilities ready to catch even the most stale listener on emotions. Instrumental party is also very versatile, but exclusively through its style. Good sound to No Cure No Saviour is attached.

Polar from its fresh album No Cure No Saviour willing to wake up in your heart and a beast, and a small child. Sentimentality in the disc, no limit, and a variety of emotions is maddening. Fans of the genre of the band and hereby strongly recommend for an early listen!

16.06.2016 19:54:21

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No Cure No Saviour

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