United Crushers

Tracks on United Crushers unpretentious and bright emotions...

Poliça released in light of their latest work titled United Crushers. Longplay includes 12 tracks, which took place on his own label team March 4.

Today we have on the agenda, dear listeners, magnificent musical duo Poliça and their third studio work. I wonder what Poliça you can position not only as a duo, but also as a full band. The fact of the matter is that Ryan Olson engaged will, Channy Leaneagh vocal and synth and bass player and drummer to appear exclusively in live performances, then flit in the studio, but their names are constantly changing. So that the matter can be considered still open.

In his music, in particular on the new longplay United Crushers combine such seemingly incompatible styles, such as alternative rock, synthpop and even elements of trip hop.

When we first met with United Crushers, without first knowing all the inside Poliça, there is a characteristic British sound. And sound far from our time with you, and having places even lo-fi nature of its blemishes and specificity. Getting acquainted with the album denser, you realize that this is just a tribute to the style, fashion and sensitive understanding produced that there is really nothing more than a token.

The tracks included in the United Crushers, unpretentious, compelling and bright emotions. Catch everything that happens everybody can easily. It's nice that is not overloaded LP have many on the number of ideas, and also observed the thin feature sound and radio trend of fitness, which makes all the songs and the album as a whole, universal work.

United Crushers from Poliça is what you need right now. We strongly recommend you to listen!

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United Crushers

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