Primal Fear

Primal Fear over the years only become rich overtones...

Primal Fear released in light of its new studio work, which was called Rulebreaker. Delux version of the album was released on January 29 and includes 13 tracks, which took place on Frontiers Records.

Well-known German metallers this year started the maximum efficiently for themselves and to the delight of fans. Rulebreaker became gang 11-th studio album, which marked the continuation of all favorite uncompromising traditions.

Many critics noted that after the release of the last few albums, Primal Fear of the case clearly went uphill. This statement completely objectively and due to more scrupulous and precise approach, how to create and record your own material. Rulebreaker raises the level of the group is even higher, because the record was attended two new musicians, namely guitarist Tom Naumann and drummer Francesco Jovini. Note that newly minted members of the group have already quite a long time assisted Primal Fear with live performances.

Rulebreaker is a familiar blend of power metal and heavy metal. One without the other anywhere, but unlike many colleagues, the Germans still give priority to the former, which again affected the fresh plate, bringing originality classic sound. 13 songs performed in a very familiar format group. They are also good as before. There is an impression that Primal Fear over the years no rent back, but only acquire rich overtones.

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Primal Fear

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