A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead have hit even more atmospheric constituent...

Radiohead released a new studio disc, which was called A Moon Shaped Pool. The album consists of 11 tracks, which took place at XL Recordings on May 10.

English rockers this year, virtually without further and preludes released their 9-th LP after 5 years Studio silence. Bombshell boomed along with the single Burn the Witch, which opens a longplay Moon Shaped Pool. Running a little bit ahead, I would like to note that despite the fact that Radiohead have always been best gang in terms of experiments with sound, the album A Moon Shaped Pool exceeded every possible expectation in this regard.

As before, the disc A Moon Shaped Pool stylistically can be described as art rock, alternative rock, experimental rock and electronic. Guitars on the album was frankly a little, but in retaliation the plate appropriately housed electronic arrangements. Interestingly, Radiohead further hit in the atmospheric component of the studio work than before. However, this in no way affected the usual mood works of Radiohead. Melancholy on A Moon Shaped Pool you find in sufficient quantities, so old fans of the gangs are more likely to be satisfied.

In spite of considerable age, Radiohead, without any worries about the experiment, learn new horizons and try to test themselves in a frankly new genre mixes. A Moon Shaped Pool definitely deserves your attention even if you are not a Radiohead fan. Fresh plate with radically fresh ideas and unique performance today is ready to be heard. Pleasant listening!

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A Moon Shaped Pool

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