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Ouroboros completed the easier format...

Ray LaMontagne released a fresh plate called the Ouroboros. The album has 8 tracks, which took place at Sony Music Entertainment on March 4 this year.

For the American author and performer, Ouroboros became the sixth frame work, which once again will send us into a journey along the sandy roads on the path into the unknown. Ray LaMontagne, as some of you may know, is the only member of its own project. It is noteworthy that the musician absolutely all recorded for the new LP independently, without external assistance.

It should be noted that compared with previous Ouroboros plates done in easier format, where emphasis was placed on expression and musicality of the material directly.

Actually, by the nature of the tracks included in the new album, as before, to resemble the merging folk rock and blues rock, but contrary to all expectations, the Ouroboros appeared light of %doom/stoner metal% motifs, interlacing with something like the psychedelic rock, which was particularly felt on the track titled The Changing Man.

Perhaps among the 8 songs separately want to highlight the track Hey, No Pressure. With careful reading of the Ouroboros, Jaro feels that this musical theme has all the prerequisites to be or become subsequently a major hit from the last studio work.

Well of the downsides and blemish, if in this case, of course, it is appropriate, we would like to point out a small number of tracks. All they are good and do not resemble each other, but the disc passes akin to racing auto on the track, therefore repeat a small Missouri is inevitable. Although who knows, maybe it's for the best. Pleasant listening!

14.03.2016 13:29:17

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