Boys & Girls

The album performed fairly consistent...

Resaid released a new album, which was named for Boys and Girls. The album consists of 12 tracks, which took place may 6 at Sony Music Entertainment.

A German musical duo Resaid released his second full-scale work that may be interesting for many listeners, thanks to its lightness and aesthetics. Despite its geographical location, all the lyrical component of Boys and Girls performed in English, so efficiently and without the accentual moments, that it is amazing.

As regards the genre aspect of fresh full-scale work from Resaid, here everything is quite modest and familiar pop at best its modern manifestation. The album performed fairly consistent and extremely difficult to identify any special moments and evolved compositions. I would like to note that sound very good Boys and Girls, as well as arrangements and keynotes all submitted songs. Also it should be noted that large amounts of the album present acoustic moments, close to country explanation, as well as the standard pop motifs, which are framed in the dance.

Over 12 new songs from German duo, anyone can dissolve into the abyss of dreams and sweet dreams together with Resaid. Good studio work from the talented duo, which is for lovers of soft and unobtrusive music. Pleasant listening!

15.06.2016 18:44:41
Genres: Pop, Soul, Country

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Boys & Girls

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