Righteous Vendetta

Cursed starts bombing from the first track...

Righteous Vendetta released a fresh studio work, which was named cursed. Commonly has 13 tracks and was released on March 17 on Century Media Records.

The american metal quintet Righteous Vendetta just released his fourth record. Almost all of his career was in the shadows of the more famous gangs, and he was never able to get close to the glory bands. However, with the output of cursed, everything can definitely change.

For those who are not familiar with the gang, we note that righteous vendetta work at the junction of melodic metalcore and alternative metal. The combination is common, but in the execution of righteous, the vendetta is far from trivial. Cursed starts bombing the first track. In the same way, one wishes to mention such compositions as cursed, Psycho, doomed and incredible become with her magnificent chorus.

As many have already understood, the stellar work on the records is enough, but what about the music itself? Instrumental cursed is extremely wealthy not only for the powerful and rocking reefs in the spirit of alternative metal, but also for solo guitars, beautiful melodies and passages and enough aggression from metalcore. Commonly was released in a variety of genres, professional and memorable.

Cursed from righteous vendetta is exactly what you can recommend to any fan of contemporary heavy music that is not stripped of aesthetics and true music. Have a nice audition!

20.06.2017 06:34:04

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Righteous Vendetta

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