Royal Blood
Royal Blood

It is recommended to listen to all lovers of garage rock and the brutal personal fans Jack White...

English duo from Brighton in the person of vocalist/bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher was formed at the beginning of the year 2013. On the basis of the style of dirty garage rock in the tradition of the White Stripes and the Black Keys, Royal Blood composed material with which began performing in clubs. Soon the young group has acquired the powerful protégés in the face of the Arctic Monkeys, offering to them the role of warm-up. Then everything went smooth: a contract with Warner Brothers, releasing the first single from powerful Out Of the Black, the confirmation of high level of the Little Monster's second single, released at the beginning of the year 2014, then release the EP with four songs and recording their debut album, reciting the name of the group.

Royal Blood was recorded at Studio Rokfild in Wales. It received the status of "gold" in the uk and was able to lead a local hit parade. At the same time, he has become the most rapidly bought up album in rock music over the past three years. The same success (first place) have both a single Royal Blood. So what is there to say if an ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy page specially flew to New York to see their performance, and was ecstatic. In the year 2015 with Royal Blood is scheduled to tour North America and Europe in support of the Foo Fighters, and the musicians are going to record at this time of their second album.

The debut disc, all ten tracks have a genuine drive and minimalism of genuine rock. However, were there is a strong argument: the White Stripes Jack White recorded similar things ten years ago. The sound on the album Out Of The Black, Figure It Out and Little Monster. It is recommended to listen to all lovers of garage rock and the brutal personal fans of Jack White.

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Royal Blood
Royal Blood

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