Royal Republic
Weekend Man

Work is performed under the auspices of the relics and endless...

Royal Republic released a new album titled Weekend man. Longplay was released 26 February and includes 15 songs, which took place on his own label collective.

Here came the fourth full Studio work from the Swedish Quartet, which performs in such styles as alternative rock, hard rock, with elements of garage rock and blues rock. Most may be questioned by the connoisseurs of the collective, as a fact, but deny the impact thereof on the music component of the new LP, no way.

Staffed with 15 tracks performed in a standard manner for the Swedes. Here you and frantic bluesy drive and distinctive vocals, with characteristic huskiness and firm garage sound. Actually, LP has everything to settle in the hearts of listeners for a long time.

All work from start to finish is made only under one aegis-auspices of relics, and endless parties. Waking up early in the morning, the best panacea for all their frustrations, which are typical for this time of day, will be a song called When I See You Dance with Another. By including it, you won't be able to resist so fluids good mood that has been relayed through speakers or headphones. Weekend Man unequivocally the most loud disc last time. We guarantee that you not sad keep on listening longplay. Pleasant listening!

28.02.2016 09:52:13

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Royal Republic
Weekend Man

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