The Inevitable End

Very dark, with piercing melancholic touch to...

Latest album Röyksopp, as usual, waited as the new electronic "coming". "The inevitable end" (The Inevitable End)-this really is the last album the legendary Norwegian duo, who for a dozen please all fans of high-quality electronic music for its extraordinary work, especially, in collaboration with the popular Norwegian electro-Diva ("The Knife"). The group refuses to release full-length albums, but its not going to stop.

But, despite the assurances, the album is really perceived as a farewell. Very somber, if not tragic, sounding with piercing melancholy notes that leave a very mixed feelings, causing more upset than rejoice, as the Panel decided to complete its full-scale landscape activities. All the time it seems that something is missing, but, in General, The Inevitable End still lures his mystical bits that smoothly "woven" into the General transovuû canvas, selected as the "canvas". And let the album not accepted on individual tracks and listen to it, we recommend that you only fully, there is some kind of pomposity and even ceremonial′nost′, which as a tribute to the respect for the creativity of talented Norwegians from Röyksopp. A good final "accord" in the form of one of the most anticipated electro releases 2014 years.

05.01.2015 05:45:53

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The Inevitable End

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