Run River North
Drinking From a Salt Pond

A similar symbiosis causes only genuine interest...

Run River North release new album whose name is Drinking From a Salt Pond. Longplay has 10 tracks, which occurred on his own label group February 26.

International music sextet after a fairly successful debut album did not become a whirl, but decided, as soon as possible to please listeners new music and more boldly and clearly declare itself. Exactly two years after the release of the debut album, the world saw Drinking From a Salt Pond, which the previous explanation musicians consists of two main components - indie rock and indie folk.

Interestingly, Drinking From a Salt Pond has turned out perfectly balanced. We are talking about the tracks. For the walk-through, so to speak, songs, Drinking From a Salt Pond place guys haven't found, so each individual deserves your attention.

National character within all songs. Folk component captivated on longplay a huge space and it is not surprising, because the group is how American musicians, and Korean. A similar symbiosis causes only a genuine interest in their music, which eventually grows into a huge and pure love. Perhaps the only thing that can not enjoy sophisticated public, is the fact that no matter how hard they tried to Run River North, so they were not able to completely move away from the typical British sound and fully disclose folksy format unit.

01.03.2016 12:56:08

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Run River North
Drinking From a Salt Pond

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