Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams you can easily compare with the artist, his images have come from the muse...

Ryan Adams released a cover album titled 1989. The album has 13 tracks, which took place on 21 September at the PaxAmericana Recording.

For Ryan Adams 1989 became the fifteenth Studio work, in which he participated not only as a musician but also as a composer. 1989 quite unusual album, and perhaps, Taylor Swift fans already suspect a trick. That's right, Ryan Adams rewrite longplay singer, but never made it to a standard pattern, and interpret all tracks Taylor Swift and it is worth saying very pleasantly surprised. In fact the General between 1989 album Taylor Swift and version by Ryan Adams only the title. As soon as you turn on the first song, there is an impression that Studio work come precisely from 1989 onwards, so the musician felt each track Swift that decided to portray the good light of the old school, it tube and slightly soapy sounding.

Ryan Adams you can easily compare with the artist, his images have come from the muse, which captivated his charm. 1989 itself by Ryan Adams is different and the Stylistics, here the author has expressed the essence of such a genre as pop rock.

We are sure that many fans of Taylor Swift wanted to hear how still the singer's favorite songs will sound, in a different vein, and Ryan Adams heard your thoughts. Alternative version of 1989 is already available for download in favorite playlist.

03.10.2015 14:06:14
Genres: Pop, Pop Rock

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Ryan Adams

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